As long as we continue to blame the inanimate object as the problem we will never get to the real issue which is the human factor. To continue shifting the blame to a gun is not the solution and does not address the cause and effect in any situation. Lets address the human factor. Question one that I would ask is…what medication or drug was the person using? We have been medicating our children in this country way to fast and refusing to deal with the root issues of the child. I have seen firsthand how medication in a child causes major mood swings. The mood swings can move from almost a dead stare to violent outbreaks. I have watch and heard a child ask, “What?” when no one in the room had said a word. When I asked what’s up with the “What” he said he thought he heard someone say something. Are we drugging our children to the point they are hearing voices, hallucinating, or opening them up to things we might not understand or believe in, but yet could exist.

With that said, let me address the gun issues. If we eliminate guns the human factor will always find ways to hurt/kill others if that’s what they seek to do.  I am thinking of the girls who took their “friend” into the woods to stab her to death. Did we blame the knife…did we say we need to have more restrictions on knives so we can stop the knife violence in this country? Which I suspect knife violence in this country would be higher than gun violence and just as deadly. I did not, nor have I ever heard any outcry for more restrictions on knives in this country.

And by the way, why is it mostly politicians who cry for more gun control…because they don’t want you to be able to defend or protect you family, because that would take the power away from them. You would not need them to protect you and yours, and therefore, you would not be “dependent” on them, and that dependent factor is what they need to survive. Also, it would make it harder for them to control us in the long run if more citizens was armed.

Let me ask you a question. Why does a company or a store have security? Why in most cases it is very visible? (If you don’t see an actual security personal; you see the cameras.) Answer: because to have security and have it visible is a major “deterrent” to any criminal looking to steal, vandalize, or do bodily harm. Did you get that…A DETERRENT!

It is my opinion, if more people were trained on how to use and be licensed to carry a gun (visible); this would cause a person out to do harm to have a “second thought”…in other words, be a deterrent and therefore save lives. It is also my opinion that you already have the right to do so, by the United States Constitution.  In short, you have the right to KEEP and BEAR ARMS…to protect yourself, family, and your property. It’s time we go back to when we were our own 911.

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Every person takes on a journey; that begins at birth and transcends at death. Every journey has a story of life, of love, of loss, and of legend. Yes, even legends. When we think of legends we often think of a mythical, or supernatural being, or an event or person of “legendary” fame. Think about a mother, who pours her life into her child/children, or that family that has a special needs child, or the person that has overcome that addiction, poverty, or past abuse. Yes, every journey has a story of life, of love, of loss, and…of legend, because we ARE supernatural beings struggling and defeating our enemies on the way.

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And so, it begins.

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